INA Casa-Via del Mare. New social spaces

INA Casa-Via del Mare. New social spaces

Intended to reflect on living and the redefinition of social relations and community dynamics, the research carried out by studioconcreto since 2018 in the INA-Casa Via del Mare neighbourhood in Lecce. A research that culminates in an exhibition, curated by Zero al Cubo, with a multidisciplinary slant, hosted by the Off Gallery of MUST in Lecce, divided into three sections: Past, Present and Future. There are the historical documents testifying to the impact of the INA-Casa Plan, collected with the scientific advice of Andrea Mantovano, and in dialogue with them the works by Damiano Damiani, Guido Guidi, Chiara Camoni, Giuseppe De Mattia and Gianfranco Baruchello, which offer a perspective on the political and social theme of the home, domestic living, and memory. A film, a painting, photographs, a ceramic artefact, an audiovisual product are placed side by side with the INA-Casa tiles, a symbol of belonging to an urban context. The project includes meetings for reflection and discussion on the theme.

The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, 9-21, until 21 April.

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Event Date 19-04-2024 9:00 am
Location MUST
Categories Exhibitions

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